I am not a mental health professional, but I want to help. I now believe that I can. That you can. We can help each other. Because we are not alone in this.

Seeking professional mental help is very crucial. However, taking from my own experience, there are long wait-lists and expensive costs. While I was waiting to see a therapist, I desperately searched online. There are great resources out there, but I couldn’t find a community. So I decided to create one!

You might be like me and find it hard to speak up about your mental hurdles with friends and family. Let’s talk to each other and support one another. We can have this for free, without the restrictions of location, and without judgement.

My dream is to gradually add a foundation to this website. A foundation that funds therapy for whomever is restricted by finances to get the support they deserve.

Thank you for visiting this corner of mine, I’m glad that you stumbled upon it. I also live on earthlybrain.com.

Drop me a line, I have many many words too: